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About Adiona

Who are we?

Adiona is a team of neurologists, social workers, caregivers, and computer science experts who have banded together with a mission to make dementia care better than it was for us. Each one of us have been touched by dementia in our lives, and that experience has given us a real appreciation for how difficult it is to take care of someone with dementia and how little support families get during the process, especially for loved ones with complicated symptoms like agitation. 

What are we building?

Your home base for managing challenging, dementia-related behaviors, specifically agitation. In our mobile app, caregivers can keep a journal of agitation episodes, see and share reports of those agitation episodes, and get personalized tips about how to manage agitation.

But Adiona’s most unique feature is that it can learn to predict when a loved one with dementia will become agitated so that it can alert you and help you manage it. Detecting agitation early makes managing it much easier. Adiona connects a caregiver’s phone to a loved one’s Apple Watch. Adiona then collects sensor data from that Apple Watch that Adiona can use to learn when your loved one is about to become agitated. And when that happens, Adiona will alert you and help you manage that agitation.

Who supports us?

Our work has been supported by some of the biggest names in dementia care: The National Institute of Aging (a sub-division of the NIH), the Yale School of Public Health, and the University of Chicago Center for Comprehensive Care and Research on Memory Disorders among others have helped us build Adiona. And now we hope that effort can help families taking care of loved ones with dementia. 

Have more questions?

Email to learn more.

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