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Making it easier for dementia caregivers to manage agitation.

Dementia care is hard.


Dementia care for someone who becomes agitated is even harder. 

By connecting to your loved one's Apple Watch, the Adiona Mobile App notifies caregivers when their loved one is becoming agitated, provides personalized tips on how to manage agitation before it gets out of hand, and puts together comprehensive reports for your care team.

When you don't catch agitation early, it's really hard to manage. 

Adiona uses data from your loved one's Apple Watch to alert you before they become agitated and help you stop agitation before it gets out of hand.


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Stay prepared with alerts.
Adiona's alert system gives you warning before a potential agitation episode and provides you with support on how to manage these episodes.

Share valuable data with your doctor.
Adiona's report system creates a personalized, shareable summary of your loved one's agitation history so that your doctor can make more informed recommendations.

Get personalized insights.

Adiona provides personalized insights and suggestions based on your loved one's agitation episodes, giving you access to a curated library of educational resources.

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What is agitation in dementia?

Agitation in dementia refers to emotional and behavioral distress commonly seen in those with dementia. It can manifest as restlessness, irritability, anxiety, aggression, or repetitive actions. This agitation can stem from a variety of factors, including cognitive decline, poor communication between a caregiver and the person with dementia, pain, environmental factors and more.

This symptom can be vey difficult for caregivers to manage (we know, we’ve been caregivers ourselves!). A lot of times, caregivers can mistake agitation with grumpiness, stubbornness, or poor personality. Recognizing agitation and managing it properly can help immensely.

Why does it matter if you predict agitation early?

Recognizing agitation early in dementia is crucial for effective management because:

  1. Prevention: Early detection allows for proactive strategies to prevent escalation, reducing the likelihood of more severe agitation or aggressive behaviors.

  2. Improved Quality of Life: Addressing agitation promptly can improve the person's overall quality of life, reducing distress and discomfort.

  3. Better Communication: Early recognition enables caregivers to better understand the underlying triggers and needs of the individual, improving communication and empathy.

  4. Safety: Identifying agitation early helps prevent potentially harmful situations for both the individual and those around them.

  5. Tailored Interventions: Early intervention allows for the implementation of personalized strategies that are more likely to be effective in managing the specific causes and triggers of agitation.

  6. Reduced Caregiver Stress: Maybe most importantly, managing agitation can be emotionally and physically taxing for caregivers. Early recognition and intervention can reduce caregiver stress and burnout.

Does the caregiver need an iPhone to use Adiona?

Yes, Adiona is only available for iOS devices (iPhone).

Does the caregiver need an Apple Watch?

The caregiver does not need an Apple Watch, but the person with dementia does need an Apple Watch for Adiona to predict agitation.

Does my loved one need an Apple Watch with cellular data?

Adiona works both with Apple Watches that have cellular data and those that don’t. However, for those watches that don’t have cellular capability, a wi-fi connection or a connection to a phone that has wi-fi or cellular data is required to receive alerts of agitation.

What generation Apple Watch should I get?

We recommend an Apple Watch Series 7, 8, or 9 (the Ultras are okay, too!). However, Adiona will work on Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, so long as they are running WatchOS 9.6.0 or later.

Interested in learning more? 

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