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Who should wear the device and who should use the app?

The Fitbit (and the Fitbit account that goes with it) is meant for the person with dementia, and the app is designed for the caregiver.

The app can be downloaded onto as many devices as you like, and you can login with the same Fitbit account on as many devices as you like. 

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How do I set up the Adiona app and Fitbit?

You can watch our video walk through for iOS. We'll have an Android video up soon. The steps for iOS and Android are below.


1. It's easiest to set up the Fitbit app first. Download the Fitbit app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


2. Follow the prompts on the Fitbit app to create an account for your loved one and sync the device to your smartphone.


3. Download the Adiona app, either from the Google Play Store or TestFlight. If you're using TestFlight, follow these steps to set up the app. 

2. Sign into the Adiona app using the Fitbit account you just created. 

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How do I download the Adiona app for iPhone from my email?

1. Click the link to the app that you received in the email from your iPhone (or the link from the "How do I set up my Adiona app and Fitbit?" section).

2. You will be directed to the App Store to download an app called "TestFlight" if you don't have it downloaded already. It should look something like this: 


3. Download the TestFlight app and open it. Allow notifications, and accept the Terms and Conditions. You may see a blue "Continue" button - hit that. Afterwards, you may see something like this:


4. Go back to the email you received from us at Adiona with the link to the app. Hit that link again. Wait a few seconds, then you should see this: 


5. Tap the "Accept" button, then tap the "Install" button that appears. The app will then be available on your phone like any other app. 

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Why is my app not showing any recommendations?

There are two main reasons this could happen.


1. This can happen after you first set up the Fitbit for your loved one. We can't show any recommendations because there's no data with which to make recommendations! 

Give it an hour or two to start collecting feedback. Then recommendations should start to show in the Adiona app. The feedback only gets more refined the longer your loved one wears the Fitbit. 

2. You may have set up a Fitbit account through the Adiona app and forgotten to sync the Fitbit. Here is a video tutorial. Steps are described below.


Download the Fitbit app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Then, log in using the account you made on the Adiona app. 

Tap the profile icon in the top left corner. 

Tap "Set Up a Device" and select "Inspire 2." Follow the prompts on the Fitbit app. Once you hit "finish," you're all good to go. 

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Why aren't my recommendations updating?

This can happen because the mobile device the Fitbit is paired with is out of range or because the app on that device was closed. 

We recommend leaving the Fitbit app open and running in the background so that the Fitbit can automatically sync and so that our recommendations can update properly. 

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How do I update my app?

We're constantly trying to improve what we do, so we will likely put out updates with fixes and new features pretty frequently. 

You should receive these updates automatically. But, if we tell you that you should be seeing a particular feature and you don't, you may need to update the Adiona app manually. 

On Android, go to the Google Play Store. Tap the profile icon in the top right corner. 

Tap "Manage apps and device." You should see "Update available" next to the Adiona app icon there. Tap "Update."  

On iOS, go to the TestFlight app, and tap the Adiona app icon.  Make sure "Automatic Updates" is switched on: 

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Still have questions?

Don't worry. Feel free to reach out to us, and we would be happy to walk you through any issues you're having. 

You can email us at


Or you can call us at (858) 353-7024. 

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