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Senior Couple Undergoing Medical Examination

A Patient Tool

Predictive Algorithm

Adiona uses a proprietary algorithm to predict the onset of an agitation episode in patients with dementia based on sensor data from wearable devices. We provide that alert along with walkthroughs for best-practice behavioral interventions to help caregivers manage agitation more effectively. 

Accesible Design

We know that the best product for patients and caregivers is one that's easy to use.  Our caregiver app is straightforward, designed with real-time alerts for wandering and other symptoms, and made to be paired with user-friendly wearable devices like an Apple Watch or Fitbit that make patient compliance easier.  

Biometric Data

Combining our agitation detection technology with existing wearable devices means that Adiona is able to non-disruptively provide a more holistic snapshot of a patient's day-to-day life. With data on a patient's agitation, activity, sleep patterns and more, we provide caregivers with targeted tips and clinicians with a better look at what's going on at home. 

Make A Difference in Your
Patients' Day to Day Lives

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